Bowling Tips on How to Bowl Better

Bowling might not get a lot of airtime the way basketball, baseball or even golf do, but it's still one of the most popular sports around.

It isn't limited to a few big names – it's something that everyone can enjoy whenever they want.

It might not have the glamor and high profile of some other sports, but bowling has been well loved by millions of people for a long time and it's as popular as ever.

There's just something about launching a ball at a rack of pins that sparks the imagination – it's something we've enjoyed for hundreds of years. In fact it might be even longer!

The game of bowling was said to have originated in Germany about 300 A.D. However, archaeologists have found evidence that the idea of bowling was known in ancient Egypt. There aren't many sports that can trace their ancestry back that far.

The gear and rules have changed over time but the basic idea behind the bowling we love has existed for more than two thousand years. That's a pretty incredible thought.

Anyway, you followed a link that brought you here, so I'm going to guess that you're interested in bowling. That means I have some good news for you! I'm going to pass on a few basic tips that will improve your game and help you enjoy bowling even more.

Of course to get real results in bowling there is something you have to do, and that's practice. There is no easy way around that. Bowling is a sport, and like any other sport you need to put the effort in to hone your skill.

There is more good news though – bowling isn't a sport that pits you against an opponent, like tennis or Karate. It's a mental game. The person you're always trying to beat is yourself.

Sure, it's great if you beat the people you're bowling with, too, but you'll always be working to improve on your best score, perfect your technique and be the best bowler you can be. That's what makes it so satisfying – it's a very personal challenge.

So, you're all set to improve your game and you want to see a difference quickly. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Get yourself some good quality bowling balls with the right coverstock and – here is the vital bit – at the right weight. One of the most common mistakes people make is to get balls that are too heavy.

Heavy balls have advantages – their weight overcomes friction, so they accelerate better and keep their speed for longer. That's all good, but…
None of it matters if you can't aim and throw properly, and if the ball is too heavy for you that's what is going to happen. The advantages are cancelled out by the fact you can't make the perfect shot.
Be ready to adapt to suit the lane you're bowling down. Flexibility is the trademark of a great bowler; if your strategy isn't working, change it!
Make sure you're wearing the right clothes when you're bowling. That might not sound like it matters much but if your clothes restrict your movement it's going to interfere with your approach and release.
Consider buying your own bowling shoes, too. You'll find plenty online, in a huge variety of styles. One of them is bound to suit you.

These tips are all simple, but if you apply them you'll find it makes a real difference to your game. Go on – try them out!